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Penny's Puppet Productions

Since 2002 Penny's Puppets has been Making the World a Better Place, One Puppet Show at a Time.


Professional Storyteller for Children and Adults

I have been a Professional Storyteller for both grownups and kids since the beginning.  I have been on the board of Portland Story Theater since 2005, and have told dozens of personal stories on the stage and also have produced several one women shows.


Always Ready for what the Audience sends our way

Improvisation is a big part of what we do and Love.


About Penny

 Every kid has a big dream and Penny’s was to be a puppeteer. Ever since she caught a glimpse of the Muppets at the age of 3, Penny was hooked. But it wasn’t until after she had earned her Teaching Certificate in Elementary Education with an emphasis in Early Childhood and had finished her Masters of Curriculum and Instruction at Portland State University, that Penny finally followed her dream and became a full time puppeteer and storyteller. Penny’s Master’s Thesis was “Teaching with Puppets in the Classroom.” In 2002, Penny started Penny’s Puppet Productions. Penny has created over 50 original story-musicals that feature dozens of puppets with their own unique personalities and voices. Penny performs in pre-K and K-3 classrooms, is a favorite at local libraries, and is a regular at community festivals throughout the Pacific Northwest. She also appears as an “Artist in Healthcare” at Emanuel Children’s Hospital. In the Fall of 2012 Penny had the pleasure of touring Colombia, South America on a puppet tour and performed over 60 shows in just 30 days for children ranging in age from 4-17 years old. In 2012 she did a similar tour in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

A Note from Penny:

Dear Friends, Families, Fans, Puppets are my life. I love performing for the pre-K and K-3 set, and my training in early education informs my work. All my shows are original mini-musicals. Each show I create is designed to inspire the audience to participate, to interact with the story. I want to instill a love of music and language. I want to stimulate imaginations. I believe that puppets are one of the best ways to support a child’s emotional development. Penny creates programs that teach values, morals and ideals. Penny connects to and for the heart. Many of  her shows touch upon Social and emotional topics  All shows are interactive Puppets naturally help in developing an appreciation and awareness for our similarities and acceptance of our differences. 


 Penny's Puppet Productions is a professional one-woman puppet company dedicated to making the world a better place, one puppet show at a time! Offering joyful programs that ignite the imagination and fill the room with excitement and laughter, Penny's live performances use puppets, story, and song to inspire and entertain children of all ages. Penny is a Professional storyteller who specializes in puppet shows for kids. Penny creates programs that teach values, morals and ideals. Penny connects to and for the heart. Many of  her shows touch upon Social and emotional topics. 

Penny Walter

MA. Education
(503) 282-9207

Penny is the writer, producer, and director of original mini-musicals that she performs at schools, festivals, libraries,
​camps, museums, parks, theaters, recreation centers, farmers’ markets anywhere kids and families gather.

Owner of Penny's Puppet Productions:

A one woman Puppet company (June 2002- Present)

​Portland State University Portland, OR:
Masters of Curriculum and Instruction; 
June 2001

Teaching Certification:
Elementary education (Early childhood emphasis) 
July 2000

Masters thesis:
on Teaching with puppets in the Classroom.
M.A. Education -emphasis early childhood
Minor in Music Ed.​