Making The World A Better Place One Puppet Show At A Time!

Puppet Shows for all ages

Puppet Shows for all ages

Puppet Shows for all agesPuppet Shows for all agesPuppet Shows for all ages

Libraries are our favorite places to perform!


Library shows

 All current shows are available for performance at libraries (over 50 titles to choose from). Penny also creates custom shows that fit national library themes, celebrate the change in seasons, and deliver family fun! 


The Shows


All shows in Penny’s repertoire are original works. Penny’s imaginative shows take the audience on a magical, musical journey. Audience participation is unavoidable. All shows include Music, dancing and audience participation. They are essentially Mini- Musical puppet shows. Shows run between 35-45mins depending on show. Penny is happy to help you pick the perfect show.

Penny's Puppet Productions loves the interaction after the puppet show with our meet and great time.

About Penny

 Every kid has a big dream and Penny’s was to be a puppeteer. Ever since she caught a glimpse of the Muppets at the age of 3, Penny was hooked. But it wasn’t until after she had earned her Teaching Certificate in Elementary Education with an emphasis in Early Childhood and had finished her Masters of Curriculum and Instruction at Portland State University, that Penny finally followed her dream and became a full time puppeteer and storyteller. Penny’s Master’s Thesis was “Teaching with Puppets in the Classroom.” In 2002, Penny started Penny’s Puppet Productions. Penny has created over 50 original story-musicals that feature dozens of puppets with their own unique personalities and voices. Penny performs in pre-K and K-3 classrooms, is a favorite at local libraries, and is a regular at community festivals throughout the Pacific Northwest. She also appears as an “Artist in Healthcare” at Emanuel Children’s Hospital. In the Fall of 2012 Penny had the pleasure of touring Colombia, South America on a puppet tour and performed over 60 shows in just 30 days for children ranging in age from 4-17 years old. In 2012 she did the same in Buenos Aires, Argentina. A real highlight of her career.

Summer 2020 Library Theme

 Imagine your story

Fairy tales/ mythology /fantasy  

The Fantastical Book

Robin is at the library as she looks for a fairy tale book, when all of a sudden a book literally flies off the shelf into her hands. The fantastical book invites Robin into its pictures and stories. Soon she finds herself inside the book and all of its adventures. Where she meets characters like Mother Goose, Puss n’ Boots, a Dragon, a Unicorn and many other incredible puppets in this Mythological land where anything can happen as each new chapter turns into a whole new fantastical world. This is an original musical puppet play by Penny’s Puppet Productions.


 $250.00 Each Show

If you book more than 2 shows at the same place - Same day price discounts are available.

​Expenses Additions:
Mileage (outside the Portland Metro area)
​Lodging, if required


"Penny's show is one kids will remember, it's a great use of their time and a worthwhile investment during tight budgets, you get a lot of joy for your buck!"
Janet Rackleff - Yachats Pubic Library, OR 

 "An inventive, interactive, puppet musical! The educational element is particular to each show, playfully threaded throughout and the energy and generosity of the performer (plenty of time after the show for kids to meet the puppets) Penny has really added thoughtfulness to the content and has variety of topics available with a huge array of original songs.
​Claire, Eugene Public Library, OR 

Where to begin about Penny’s Puppet productions? I could just describe her skill and narrative composition as brilliant, but how about instead I put it like this. My first Youth Service Library job was back in 1996. In the twenty years since then I have seen many, many puppet shows. In my opinion she remains, simply the best. Book her now you will definitely be happy you did.

Will Worthey

(Library Director North Plains Public Library)


  • Toddlers,
  • Preschool,
  • Elementary
  • Family
  • Special shows and workshops for Middle School and High school. 
  • Teacher/ Adult workshops

Stage Dimensions

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